Rebekah Rigsby Fine Art

Rebekah Rigsby, Salem, Oregon, is a mixed media artist specializing in paper collage and acrylics.  Raised in the nearby Silver Creek canyon, her landscapes incorporate the unique colors and fiber patterns of paper and  capture some of the most impressive features of the region, including the Cascade Volcanic Range, South Falls, and the Columbia River Gorge.

Rebekah has participated in a variety of juried shows and exhibitions, including the nationally recognized Salem Art Fair and Festival.  Rebekah graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Spanish from Willamette University.

5 thoughts on “Rebekah Rigsby Fine Art

  1. I just saw three of your art pieces hanging at the Cascade Employers Association. They are exquisite. I would be interested in purchasing a piece in the future. I love your choice of colors and media. Will you be at the Salem Art Fair?
    Can you tell me how much you might want for a torn paper piece appx. 11×14, or so. (About the size as those in Cascade Employers Comference room)?
    Mary Musick
    Salem, OR

  2. Hi Jean! Probably a good idea for me to start working on those 🙂 Another bird sounds great. I’ve been thinking of that myself. Thanks for the message! Rebekah

  3. I happened in to the Co-op gallery in Silverton when my kids moved to Silverton several years ago. I saw your work and bought the first for my mother who lives in Colorado and is an avid birder. The next time I bought one of the Fall trees for myself and had it framed for my dining room. My son bought me the spring trees and I went crazy with framing and it hangs in my living room above the fireplace. Thank you so much for what you do!

    • Thank you, Maggie, for your very kind message! I’m so happy that you have been enjoying my artwork! People like you make me feel that it’s worth the balancing act of trying to be both a good mom and a productive artist. Best to you, Rebekah

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